What goes up must come down?

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This saying runs through my head constantly (scary).

If you asked people what they do when they first wake in the morning, I am sure you would see some very interesting answers. Some we can probably relate to and others we probably don’t even want to know:-).

The first thing I do is check spot gold and silver, that is if I don’t hear my husband yelling at 7 am that either he should have waited to sell this or that or that he is a bullion genius.

Does the price of gold and silver really affect the average person? The knee jerk response is no, but if we think for a minute that really isn’t true. Even if you hold no physical or paper gold and silver the price of the commodity does affect you. Gold and silver prices are a reflection of our economy. Historically gold and silver will increase when the economy is struggling as seen in 2008 with the huge jump in metals. If our economy is weak, it affects us all.  House values will decrease, unemployment will go up and gas prices will be unstable.

So here’s the question of the decade: “If gold and silver are coming down, doesn’t that mean our economy is getting stronger?”

I’d love to hear some thoughts on the economic situation in your area because here in Milton, WI the picture isn’t pretty!

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