The Difference in 1921 Silver Dollars

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The difference in the 21’s

If you have a handful of silver dollars, chances are you’ll have one dated 1921. In 1921, the United States issued two different silver dollar coins. The Morgan silver dollar, was suspended in 1904 due to the depletion of the government silver supply . In 1918 the Pittman Act was passed allowing the melting and coining of millions of silver dollars. After the act was instated the Morgan Silver Dollar was resumed for one more year in 1921. At the same time the newly designed Silver Peace Dollar was making its debut. The Silver Peace Dollar was minted until 1935. The Peace Dollar was the last 90% silver dollar issued by the United States for the sole purpose of circulation.

The difference in the 1921 silver dollars is vast.

For a coin to transform from a bullion coin to a numismatic coin there are three key factors.
1. Date
2. Mint location
3. Mintage

Both the Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars had the right date and mint mark but only one had the mintage. Roughly 86 million Morgan silver dollars were minted in Philadelphia in 1921 whereas a little over 1 million Peace dollars were minted in Philadelphia in that same year.

The Morgan Silver dollar in circulated condition will have an approximate value of 25.00 while a circulated Peace Dollar will have an approximate value of 125.00.
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